Geert Wilders at the Facing Jihad conference

Over on Gates of Viennayou'll find the integral text of the speech Geert Wilders gave at the Facing Jihad conference held in Jerusalem.

As I am Dutch, I am expected to not take anything Wilders says too seriously. But one is moved by the power of this particular speech. There is, it seems, a steel core to the man. And an unrelenting honesty in observing the world around him:
Most of the Western media stick to naming the culprits as being members of ‘separatist movements’. In doing so, they are missing the main point and are unjustly ignoring the Islamic nature of the terror attacks. After all, if it is a conflict about borders, why are they killing Jews in Mumbai? Why, in a city of tens of millions, find the jihadists the shortest way to the only rabbi in town — in order to kill him and his wife? Why are Israel’s enemies always shouting “Allah hoe-Akbar” and “kill the Jews” if all they want is peaceful coexistence and mutual understanding? Maybe, I’m just guessing, is it because they have an ideology that tells them to kill Jews, to kill unbelievers, and to advance Islam until there is world domination. Islam, after all divides the world in a dar-al-Harb, and dar-al-Islam. Islam is a totalitarian ideology full of hate, violence and submission.
Read the entire thing, including the very aptly chosen Abe Lincoln quote at the end.

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