An Interview with Mohammed: Now online

Ehsan Jami's film about Mohammed can now be viewed online at here. As announced earlier, the interview is conducted in English for the benefit of an international audience.

Still awaiting news on how the presentation went. Watch this space for updates.

[UPATE001] EN item is here on Radio Netherlands. Minister of Justice Hirsch-Ballin, not having seen the film, nevertheless has expressed his worries about the perception of the Netherlands abroad (NL). He emphasises that in the Netherlands islam is 'fully respected'. Well, yes. Isn't that part of the problem? The uncritical 'respect' for the less refined aspects of islam?

[UPATE002] Video embedded below.

[UPDATE003] From De Telegraaf (NL): 'Film is a powerless little trifle'.
The film 'Interview with Mohammed' is a powerless little trifle with no clear message, unless it is that the Quran must be read in context of the time in which it was written. And every sensible person agrees with that. So say a number of muslim organisations in a joint statement after viewing the film.

According to the organisations the film 'does not contribute to the discussion on sensitive items on the intersection between islam and society'. The organisations gave up the idea for a joint press conference after viewing the film. 'We wish Ehsan Jami the best of luck in his career as filmmaker.'
[UPDATE004] Gates of Vienna have a translation up of an op-ed in Elsevier by the ever great Afshin Ellian: Resentful Muslims: bow deep before Jami’s film!. And much more.

[UPDATE005] The Dutch Christian Labour government does what it does best: Dhimmi. Here's the official statement of the Balkenende cabinet (mirror). Note the wording:
In this light, the government regrets the fact that Mr Jami's film deeply offends the feelings of many Muslims.
Stated as fact, not as a 'may' or 'may have'. Infuriating, but there it is...

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