New Dutch movie: An interview with Mohammed

Upcoming Wednesday it will be international human rights day and it’s also the day that the movie “an interview with Mohammed” will be presented to the world, reports Dutch newssite spitsnews (NL). This latest Dutch movie production is made by Ehsan Jami, founder of the Dutch Committee for Ex-Muslims and is made in colaboration with international artists.

On Dutch state television Ehsan explained that the movie has three main themes: the suppression of woman, anti-Semitism and the rights of Islamic apostates.

The Dutch talkshow, Pauw & Witteman, planned to show a few minutes of the movie on Dutch state TV, but foreign affairs minister Verhagen blocked it (apparently because he is also a guest in the same TV show).

It stays unclear where and how the film will be shown.

Update (1): English language movie

Dutch Opinion magazine Elsevier just published more details about the movie (NL). They report that the 10 minute movie named: “an interview with Mohammed’ is an English language production. In the movie Jami will interview the prophet Mohammed. The prophet is shown as a masked person (see picture) who will look back on his life 1400 years ago and tell the audiance if he is satisfied. The magazine also asked Jami who played the role of Mohammed, but he did want to reveal the name because of security reasons.

Sooreh Hera Mask PhotoThe idea of Mohammed masks does seem to resemble the art work of the Dutch-Iranian imigrant Sooreh Hera. But the magazine does not name her name and neither does the mask seem to be an exact copy of her Mohammed masks as shown in her (censored) photo exhibitions.

Columnist Afshin Ellian of the same magazine, who is also an Iranian immigrant who in the past was presented as Ehsan Jami his mentor, wrote in the same magazine that he was sure the “Iranian media and government would react angry. This will give trouble”.

“In the [Iranian] newspapers, who are actually controlled by the security services, they certainly will voice their discontent [about the movie]. Iran already has a problem with The Netherlands because it sides too much with the Americans in the discussion around the Iranian nuclear program.” says Afshin Ellian.

Ellian also predicts dangerous times for Islam critical people in Iran. “It will widen the gap between the fundamentalists and their criticasters”.

The magazine also published the rumor that sources close to the Dutch intelligence services say there will be certain Egyptian forces at work to pressure the Islamic world to take retaliatory measures against The Netherlands if the film is released.

Update (2): Call for boycott

According to Dutch newspaper De Pers the Morocan newspaper Al-Jarida al-Ula writes that several unnamed European Islamic organizations already call for a boycott on Dutch products (NL). The organizations mistakenly seem to think that the movie is a cartoon movie about the prophet. But that was a project Ehsan Jami had to cancel after pressure of the Dutch justice department. The calls for a boycott of Dutch products are already circulating for months on the Internet writes the newspaper.

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