Terror threat in Holland 'higher than ever'

Tjibbe Joustra agriculture and terrorism expertThe official declared threat level for The Netherlands since 2005 stays the same: ‘substantial’. But in today’s newspaper the Dutch counter terrorism tsar Tjibbe Joustra says that it’s actually 'substantial plus'. He thinks the threat level is ‘higher than ever’. Like before he blames parliamentary member Geert Wilders his Fitna film for it. And add to it that he can’t predict when the film will stop attracting terrorism to the Netherlands (Dutch Newspaper Story).

"Also with the Danish cartoons the reaction came months later and this year again. On the Internet these things can come back. They are long term processes."

But there he stops the comparison with the Danish riots. He ‘forgets’ to mention that it were actually Danish Muslims who lobbied in the Muslim world for those riots. These riots were anything but spontaneous; they were organized to achieve certain (Islamic) political goals. But Joustra does not mention the link to the local Muslims and the involvement of foreign governments. Most likely because he is a defender of the prevailing political correct dogma’s of the day.

One of these political correct dogmas says that terrorism is a reaction on our behavior and that we can prevent it by showing respect for Islam. But that kind of thinking seems to ignore the fact that terrorism is just a means to achieve certain (Islamic) political goals. The Islamic terrorist/activist have time and again stated that their main goal is restoration of Islamic supremacy. Big terror attacks like the ones in the USA on 9/11 is a way to give Muslims world wide the hope they can defeat the superior West.

Thus, yes they want respect for Islam, but giving it will not stop them. Because they only stop if they achieve it totally and have Islamic supremacy. Giving in to their demands might actually only embolden them: because then terrorism not only galvanizes their base, it also directly supports their political goals.

But this all seems way too deep thinking for our counter terrorism tsar Tjibbe Joustra who made his career within the Dutch agriculture department. At the end of the year he will be stepping down and become chairman of the government umbrella organization for agriculture. Now that the barbaric Mumbai killings again instills fear in the hearts of the people, he does a final try to defend his much criticized anti free speech policies with which the Dutch government tries to protect Islam from criticism.

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