An act of unspeakable barbarism

Via Gates of Vienna, this shocking story of literally 'editing' history. And doing damage to our civilizations heritage that is quite impossible to value in monetary terms:
To the untrained eye the damage is barely visible. Yet within the handbound pages of books charting how Europeans travelled to Mesopotamia, Persia and the Mogul empire from the 16th century onwards, the damage caused by one Iranian academic to a priceless British Library collection is irreversible.

Leading scholars at the library are at a loss to explain why Farhad Hakimzadeh, a Harvard-educated businessman, publisher and intellectual, took a scalpel to the leaves of 150 books that have been in the nation's collection for centuries. The monetary damage he caused over seven years is in the region of £400,000 but Dr Kristian Jensen, head of the British and early printed collections at the library, said no price could be placed upon the books and maps that he had defaced and stolen.

"These are historic objects which have been damaged forever," said Jensen. "You cannot undo what he has done and it has compromised a piece of historical evidence which charts the early engagement of Europeans with what we now know as the Middle East and China.
Leading scholars at the library are at a loss to explain why...? Really? And of course the actions of this depraved facsimile of human life have nothing whatsoever to do with this (scroll to the bottom):
Hakimzadeh was the CEO of UK charity Iran Heritage Foundation (IHF). IHF is believed to be a Para vent for propaganda activities of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
As the Baron rightly observes: "In all the cultures where Islam has become ascendant, the Muslim authorities have attempted to rewrite the history of the conquered lands to obliterate the memory of anything that went before Islam. By this method the cultural contribution of civilizations that preceded Islam — during jahiliyah, “the days of ignorance” — is minimized, denigrated, and distorted.

The destruction of physical evidence is part of the revisionist task. To the average Western scholar, the Bamiyan Buddhas and the archeological artifacts buried in the ancient rubble under the Temple Mount are priceless treasures which must be preserved, restored, studied, and admired. But to a Muslim they are abominations and must be destroyed. If not actual idolatry, they are evidence of non-Muslim civilizations that preceded the introduction of Islam, and are thus an affront to the pride of the entire Ummah."

Another chapter of soft Jihad on the West seems to have been opened...

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