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Today saw an unexpected development. In the wake of the anti-Israel demonstrations, which were actually nothing more then anti-Semitic hate-fests, Dutch parliaments Second Chamber devoted a session to the issue. The small Dutch-Reformed State Party (SGP) filed a motion calling for the prosecution of anti-Semitic statements, a motion that carried with a significant majority. Alexander Pechtold of Dhimmicrats Democrats '66 thought he could go one better and introduced a motion calling the government to act against anti-Semitic AND anti-Islamic statements.

To the shock of many, this motion carried as well. Via Esther of Islam in Europe a translation of the original Telegraaf article (NL).
Netherlands: Motion against antisemitism and anti-Islamism

The Dutch parliament wants the government to prosecute antisemitic and anti-Islamic statements, now that emotions about the Middle East are again flaring up. Only the SGP, the Christian Union, the PVV (Party for Freedom) and the VVD (People's Party for Freedom and Democracy) voted against this motion of the D66 Thursday.

There was more support for the SGP proposal which only called upon the government to act against antisemitism. That was embraced by all parties. The SGP thinks there is no reason to call now to act against anti-Islamism or other forms of discrimination. That is not an issue now, says SGP parliament member Cees van der Staaij.

D66 called the SGP motion incomplete, but did vote for it. D66 called up the SGP to also support the more complete motion, but the Christian party did not do so.
I am at a loss for words, witnessing the monumental stupidity of a majority of MPs voting for a motion that puts discrimination on the grounds of ethnicity on equal footing with criticism of a world view. By definition, a world view is held by choice and can be given up by choice. The current motion is akin to outlawing anti-semitism and anti-nazism, or anti-communism. Parliament has ordered the prosecution of all those that warn against the less then wholesome influence islam has had on Dutch society and rendered it defenseless.

Having voted for the Lisbon treaty, these vacuous good-for-nothings have already voted themselves out of a honest days work. But now these prattling airheads have voted their country away. Possible consequences be damned: It is my firm opinion that, when the time comes to rid us of the current regime, all those voting in favour of the D66 motion, including those that filed this disaster, should be arrested and shot for treason. And that time WILL come, my dears. There is only so much abuse a people will take from those that rule it.

Of course, by then not much of our country may be left.

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