Geert Wilders gains voters

Dutch courtAfter the Amsterdam court ordered the prosecution of Geert Wilders, because he expressed Islam critical opinions, all the Dutch opinion pollsters report a moving electorate.

Polster say that Wilders his Party For Freedom (PVV) has become more popular (NL). It’s reported that the party has grown from its current 9 seats in parliament to now 20 (virtual) seats in the polls. These poll numbers make the Party For Freedom (PVV) the third biggest political party in the politically fragmented Dutch landscape, were the biggest political party (CDA) now only has 29 seats (NL) in the polls (out of 150 available).

Now that the Amsterdam court ordered his prosecution and declared his declared opinions illegal, a conviction seems only a question of time. So far it’s unknown what kind of electoral effect a conviction will have. But it does not seem totally unjustified to think that this conviction can make the Party For Freedom the biggest political party in the polls.

A first reaction came from Liberal Party (VVD) leader Mark Rutte who declared in Dutch biggest newspaper: “abolish that law” (NL) that is used to prosecute Geert Wilders. He says he does not want to see any further opinion prosecutions in The Netherlands. According to the liberal leader any body should be able to speak his mind as long he does not threatens others with violence.

But when the Party For Freedom (PVV) earlier this week put up a vote in parliament to abolish the law, the liberal party (VVD) voted against it (NL). Today’s statement to “abolish that law” thus seems to be mere opportunistic political maneuvering to do damage control.

And damage control the Dutch liberals need indeed. Before the Party For Freedom was founded, they were the sole representatives of the Dutch political right. But as the Dutch electorate moved more to the right, the party did not. Well expect for the then liberal parliamentary member Geert Wilders. Instead of changing course and distance them self from the socialist middle ground, the liberal party (VVD) choose to evict Geert Wilders from the party. But Wilders did not leave alone; he took a lot of liberal voters to his new, more conservative Party For Freedom (PVV). Since then, the liberals have not done well and they must fear a conviction of Geert Wilders. Because that conviction might not stop him at all and might only make him gain more of their electorate.

Thus so far, opposition in The Netherlands against the opinion, or if you like sharia, court has been quite marginal.

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J.P.Christiansen zei

Democracy Is Calling.

If you prefer freedom for thought, word, and deed,
of the kind not physically destructive to others,
and not silencing or intimidating to mind,
you must be concise, and to the point,
of not allowing the theistic thugs of Islam their way,

and you must be the thinker not afraid to show
your displeasure and condemnation of a ‘holy book’,
i.e., their all-revered Koran of hate and infamy;

you must argue that their theistic impulse
is nothing less, or more, than mind’s bankruptcy,
and you must bear witness to the facts,
and then on to religion, in general, as it goes.

Those of contemporary European culture
who believe this is a debate for armchair philosophers,
wishing to leave bad enough alone,
likewise display a bankruptcy of mind.

They come across as intellectual cowards,
forgetting what we owe those who down through centuries
were tyrannized, tortured, burned, and killed,
directly as a result of religion and its thug-popes,
thug-prophets, and their henchmen thugs.

What do we owe them for their suffering,
which today ensures that we are free in mind and body?

How dare the apologists distance themselves from, e.g.,
an artist and his cartoon depicting a mentally disturbed man,
whose followers today are challenging our European values?

These theorists argue that the debate must move on,
and that accommodation must be found
for the inanities of the religion of Islam.

No ~
those who must move on are the Muslims,
the adherents of a belief-system incompatible with freedom,
and freedom is what this is all about preserving,
in honor and memory of those whose lives were taken.

No ~
compromise on the part of Western culture isn’t required;
only a clear and unequivocal “No, to yours!”,
and if it takes the re-printing, again and again,
of a cartoon of a mentally imbalanced individual
with a lit bomb in his turban, let it be so,
until finally his head is blown off.

dear sisters and brothers of Islam,
it isn’t easy to shed an identity
fed on the offal of a doctrine 1400 years old,
but you must grow up, and fast;

as the children of Aristotle,
and still in your juvenile years,
the civilized world is waiting,
and Democracy is calling!

enmarge zei

Very interesting article! Crime of Opinion! Amazing! Great film, FITNA. It is really hard to believe that the Dutch are prosecuting him for that film. PC gone awry! Well, soon to come to America. Good poem, JP! Caught me by surprise!

J.P.Christiansen zei

here is one more for you.

The Old Man And The Cartoon.

Once upon a time,
in a country small, up north,
near close to sea and fjord,
so peaceful and pleasantly agreeable,
there lived an innocent and friendly old man
who loved to draw cartoons to express his thought.

He looked out upon the great, wide, wonderful world,
and to his amazement found religious strife and killings
practiced by people called Muslims.

Living, as he did, among fellow, open-minded citizens
who valued human life and human values above all else,
he decided to draw the prophet of Islam in a cartoon.

The image which appeared, like magic, on his paper,
was of the prophet’s head wrapped in a turban,
and in the turban rested a round, black, lit bomb.

People first thought the prophet was about to commit suicide,
but, after contemplating the drawing for awhile,
it became apparent some other meaning might be hidden.

Some of the believers of the religion called Islam,
lived in the small country, up north,
and when they saw the cartoon of their beloved prophet
depicted in such a blasphemous manner,
thought it might be a good idea to show the cartoon
to other followers of their beloved, peaceful religion.

They set upon a journey to countries far away in the big world,
where they soon found other adherents of their religion.
Together they decided the cartoon might be of use
to incite hatred of the heathens, up north,
and so it came to pass,
dear children,
that masses of Muslims went out to burn and kill.

They wanted to show the small, peaceful country,
up north,
that people, of different faiths and opinions on life,
had better temper their freedom to think, talk, and act,
‘cause if they didn’t,
the prophet’s holy men and warriors would come after them.

The religious leaders of Islam pronounced that the old man
should die for having drawn their prophet in unflattering light,
and he had to go into hiding from the theistic thugs hot on his trail.

The old man survived for several years,
and one day he got an invitation to travel to a big country
on the other side of the ocean.

It appeared that certain folks, over there, in America,
wished to hear the tale of the old man and his cartoon.
He learned that in America many different people and religions
co-existed mostly in peace,
and that America might be a safe place to show himself.

When he arrived,
he learned that many people were afraid of him and his cartoon,
and that only a very few newspapers and television-stations
had dared show the cartoon to their viewers.

He realized that many inhabitants of America
were somewhat immature in their intellectual convictions,
and had to be protected from their own mental habits
by not being exposed to certain images and words.

The old man thought it humorous that editors of print and image
would tow the line of a mentally unstable person and his believers;
after all, weren’t these moderns atheists, Christians, Jews, or Other?

He went on to be interviewed by reporters and T.V. personalities,
and soon found out that the believers of Christianity and Judaism,
in particular, showed support for the old man and his cartoon,
some even calling him a hero and fighter for freedom of expression.

Being an old and wise man, he knew they supported him
because various religions tend to dislike each other,
and by praising the old man, could gain support for their own religion.

This type of behavior of conversion, dear children,
has been playing-out for many, many centuries...
ever since the so-called prophets of religion
suffered their psychotic episodes of hallucinations and visions
to be imposed on the rest of the world.

Once upon a time,
in a country small, up north,
near close to sea and fjord,
an old man drew a cartoon of a prophet’s head with a lit bomb in his turban,
and guess what, children,
nobody knew that beneath the big, black, lit bomb,
there nested many little bomblets waiting to go out in the big, wide world
to spread the good words and news about Islam.

Good night, children, and sleep well.


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