Globalizing Gaza

This has been an extraordinary week in the Netherlands. The Israel-Hamas conflict has put into sharp focus where it is that individual people and whole segments of Dutch society stand.

Ferdy reported on Harry van Bommels presence on a virulently anti-Semitic demonstration in support of Hamas last week in Amsterdam. There he joined the head of the demonstration, chanting 'Intifada, intifada, Palestine free'.

After criticism of his behaviour in the Dutch MSM, Harry explained that the use of the word 'intifada' should be understood as a call to peaceful efforts towards a constructive dialogue for a free Palestine state. You know, because those other two intifada's were so ... peaceful...

Trying to have it both ways, hyper-correct Harry was scheduled to make an appearance at the Auschwitz commemoration, coming up on January 25. But survivors and families of survivors of that dreaded place rightly thought differently.

So, you join a demonstration where 'Hamas, hamas, all Jews to the gas' is one of the bigger chants. You subsequently fail to distance yourself from the demo. Do you seriously believe that a commemoration of the liberation of a place where 'Jews to the gas' was practised with fervour is the place for you? Do you really think your appearance there, with all the sanctimonious horseshit you've rehearsed for a segment on the 8 o'clock news, will be in any way believable?

Obviously, the committee Auschwitz Commemoration does not think so and has asked rather insistently that Harry van Bommel to give this years commemoration a miss. Initially Hamas Harry wasn't inclined to honour this request. But after talks between him and the committee, he's decided to give the event a miss. GoV has the translation of the news from De Telegraaf.

In the mean time, other correct elements of Dutch society are twisting themselves in ever more uncomfortable contortions to avoid facing the bleeding obvious. To give an example: Asked what he thought of the fact that some hundreds of Moroccan youth chanted for Jews to go to the gas once more, a sight that would have been unthinkable twenty years ago, former Amsterdam mayor Ed van Thijn, himself a Jew, answered (NL): 'That is globalisation. You see elements of world conflicts reflected in European cities.' Unsurprisingly, Afshin Ellian (who's op-ed the link points to), is rather taken aback by this answer:
Don't you find that strange? We are talking about van Thijn here, who warned us regularly about anti-Semitic neo-nazi forces. And about Geert Wilders. Van Thijn is the Amsterdam anti-racism establishment in the flesh.(...)

What would he think of a number of [Dutch] youth from Venlo has said: 'Drive all muslims into the sea'? Would van Thijn also have said 'This is globalisation'?
But taking the cake in this rather turbulent week is a 'well-being worker' from Rotterdam. In an interview with the Algemeen Dagblad (NL) Mohammed Tachi, who speaks Dutch so fluently the interview was conducted with a help of a translator, fills his time on earth with organizing demonstrations, bringing food to inmates during ramadan and occupying himself in numerous foundations and societies for human rights. He was involved in the three Palestinian support demos in Rotterdam over the weekend, two of which ending in violence. According to him many Moroccan youth feel connected to the Palestinian cause.
"Moroccans in Rotterdam also feel they live in occupied territory. At least 70% of Moroccans feels that way. They are searched more often then others, are more often victims of the police."

The demonstrations of last weekend were about more then just Gaza, so says the well-being worker. "These people feel they are victims of an indirect war, conducted by the police against them".
This must be the stupidest, most ill-informed and disproportionate (there is that word again) statement in a week that saw rich pickings of stupid and ill-informed opinions.

But let's analyse that statement a little, shall we? In occupied territory, there is the occupying force, usually a force that is considered alien. The people living under occupation see land that is rightfully theirs ruled by an alien government they do not want, do not recognize as legitimate.

So, if Tachi is right, and the majority of Moroccans feels the way he describes: Does that mean the Moroccan community in Rotterdam do not recognize the Dutch police, Dutch authority as legitimate? Do they feel Rotterdam is their home ground and Dutch police are alien invaders? Do they believe they have a legitimate claim on Rotterdam as Moroccan territory, that is unfortunately occupied by Dutch forces?

If Tachi is right, then it would seem Rotterdam and the Netherlands have a big, BIG problem. A problem that goes beyond a couple of incidents with unruly youths and the waxing tide of islamisation. If Tachi is right, a Dutch Gaza and/or West Bank is growing and festering under our very noses. The consequences are really to fearful to contemplate (though this is exactly what Isaelis have been confronted with ever since 1948).

Tachi may well be a do-gooder lunatic. But being a social worker of sorts, with regular contacts within the Moroccan community, we must assume his statements did not grow out of a vacuum. I really urge (and will no doubt be completely ignored by) our government and authorities to pay a little closer attention to this development. At the very least our intelligence services should investigate to what extent Tachis remarks reflect the opinion within the Moroccan community at large. If Tachis remarks are even a little true our government should do everything within its power (up to and including forced mass remigration to Morocco) to nip in the bud what seems to be shaping up as Gaza arriving in The Netherlands through the ports of Rotterdam.

[UPDATE001] Ach, how sad! Hamas Harry is being sued. Hollands most (in)famous lawyer, Bram Moszkowicz, is suing Socialist Party MPs Harry van Bommel and Sadet Karabulut, for incitement to hate, discrimination and violence.

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