Those who fell

It should come as no surprise that KV heartily supports Israel in its endeavours to rid this world of the facsimiles of human life that make up Hamas and , I am sad to say, the majority of Palestinians living in Gaza and the West Bank (1). There is no people on this earth that receives so much money from the world community and has absolutely nothing to show for it, safe a few thousand shabby Qassam rockets with which to terrorize neighboring Israeli villages. According to Afshin Ellian (NL):
Ninety-four percent of the budget of the UNRWA (the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East) originates from the governments of the European Union. In 2008 their budget totalled 541.8 million dollar. This amount should not be confused with the individual (state) aid to Palestinians from all those countries.
A people that is capable of squandering so much money on nothing but blind hatred and violence is deserving of a good smack-bottom. One hopes that the Israelis will see this through in a more decisive manner then their last venture against the jihadists on its borders

The Dutch language blog Contradecere has started something of a blogburst in support of the men and women fighting Hamas in the operation Lead Cast. More particularly, it dedicated a post to those who have fallen in this operation. Captioned 'We honor the fallen heroes of Israel', their statement: 'A coward is too scared do die for something, a hero is too scared to live his life a coward' is something any decent human being can agree with.

(1) Yes, I know: A bit harsh. But what else can one say of a people that condones the revolting Qana-style manipulation of international opinion? Take the Israeli attacks on three UN schools yesterday. Nobody in the MSM seems to think it is worth a mention that at least one such school was used to stage mortar attacks from. See EU Referendum, including the video posted there.

[UPDATE001] Gates of Vienna have the translation of a piece by Geert Wilders and Martin Bosma in the Volkskrant, arguing that the concept of 'Land for Peace' is been mortally discredited.
Three years ago, Netzarim and other so-called ‘settlements’ were abandoned as a part of the framework of disengagement. This withdrawal should have then led to peace. But 5,000 arguments for a different reality rained down in the form of Kassam rockets on the residents of the Negev.
The original piece is here (NL), GoV's translation is here.

[UPDATE002] For once our provincial government gets it right: Second Chamber: No sanctions for Israel (NL).
A majority of the Second Chamber supports the line followed by the cabinet in the struggle between Israel an the Palestinian terror organistion Hamas.

Israel does not deserve punishment for its military action in the Gaza strip. Israel started this action after pesristent rocket attacks by Hamas on Israeli soil. (...)

[Foreign minister] Verhagen receives full support from the [liberal conservative] VVD. Fractions president Mark Ruttes party feels that Israel should be allowed the room to destroy the structures of Hamas.

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