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In this week where so much big news was reported in the Netherlands, two items almost slipped through the gaps.

First, there was the news that Utrecht city has opened not one, but two office windows in a local mosque. One for men and one for women.
The two separate counters in the Omar al Farouk mosque have been unofficially in business since the end of January. and successfully. Joemman says that on average five women a day come to the women's counter.
Second, a muslim stand-up comedian will premier is solo-show before a segregated audience (NL).
It will be a very special premier for Salaheddine. Not only does the Moroccan born writer and tv-maker d├ębut tonight as stand-up comedian in Rotterdam, at his request the Theater Zuidplein will offer the female part of the audience the possibility to sit separated from the men.
It wasn't that many years ago that the Dutch elite went after the orthodox Dutch-reformed political party SGP for not allowing women to become a member, cutting subsidies based on it's flagrant disregard for Article 1 of the Dutch constitution.

But somehow separate office windows and seats in the theater are perfectly okay. Who said we don't do islamisation? Yay for us!

[UPDATE001] EN reporting on the segregated theatre is here.

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