Unintended consequences

The Netherlands has an Authority Financial Markets (AFM). It's principle job is to regulate and oversee Dutch financial markets. And a sterling job they did, what with the way they saw the credit crunch coming... (yes: sarcasm). And now they have discovered the Dutch consumer.

Convinced as the AFM is that the average Dutch sincerely believes that money is handed out by pixies, who made it from the contents of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, they have taken it upon themselves to guard us from the ills of overlending. Hence the decision to put a mandatory(!) warning label on credit ads:
'Borrowing money costs money'.
I kid you not. A more perfect example of how high the Dutch citizen is rated by the ruling classes would be very hard to come by, I should think. And of course, a PR company was hired to come up with this flashy warning and equally flashy logo. Undoubtedly for another 6 or 7 figure invoice to the Dutch taxpayer. Money well spent.

But all is not gloom and doom. The AFM on its website presents a number logos to be used in conjunction with the warning. The recurring element in all these is pictured right.

As per the suggestion of Het Vrije Volk: Is this not the perfect logo for all those countries and individuals that are seeing their wealth and wellbeing eroding before their eyes, because they entered into a currency that is actually a political project? Isn't this the perfect warning for Iceland, or the UK for that matter, to think things over a little more? 'Warning: The Euro costs money', or 'The Euro: The ball and chain around your leg'.

One wonders: In these times when the EUnion project is losing more and more popularity: Was this really the best fitting choice, logo-wise? I mean, if you take the Euro as THE symbol of the EUnion, then that logo could fit the endless directives coming from Brussels, or the bloated, tax-money wasting apparatus of servants and apparatchicks, burdening the EUnion citizen. The possibilities seem endless.

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