Wilders UK visit wrap-up

The International Free Press Society has the speech Wilders had planned for the Lords.
Britain seems to have become a country ruled by fear. A country where civil servants cancel Christmas celebrations to please Muslims. A country where Sharia Courts are part of the legal system. A country where Islamic organizations asked to stop the commemoration of the Holocaust. A country where a primary school cancels a Christmas nativity play because it interfered with an Islamic festival. A country where a school removes the words Christmas and Easter from their calendar so as not to offend Muslims. A country where a teacher punishes two students for refusing to pray to Allah as part of their religious education class. A country where elected members of a town council are told not to eat during daylight hours in town hall meetings during the Ramadan. A country that excels in its hatred of Israel, still the only democracy in the Middle-East. A country whose capitol is becoming ‘Londonistan.’
Seems to me he proved his case, even without making his speech.

Brussels Journals records reactions to Wilders' deportation.Additionally, The Monkey Tennis Centre points out the fact that a lot of critics of Wilders' Fitna did not actually see the film. Basically this means that any pontification was based on mere hear-say. Also read his piece on Pajamas Media.

In the Netherlands, the final scores are in, with regard to the visit Geert Wilders wasn't allowed to make to the UK House of Lords. In the polls Wilders' PVV gained another 5 seats, for a grand total of 25, making it the second largest (virtually) fraction in parliament, after the Christian Democrats. And today Wilders' announced that his PVV will enter the EU Parliament elections (NL), aiming for 2 - 3 seats. His platform: 'For the Netherlands'.
The Dutch Parliament must be able to stop Brussels decisions with a veto. The EU should occupy itself with its original task: economic cooperation.
And the PVV has started an international site. From a PVV email:
Freedom Party today announces the launch of www.geertwilders.nl, a news site in English, dedicated to keeping an international audience up-to-date on the struggle for our many liberties.
And that, Ladies and Gentleman, about wraps this episode up.

[UPDATE001] Well, maybe not quite. Bat Ye'or weighs in on the matter: Geert Wilders and the Fight for Europe.
[Wilders'] crime is maintaining that Europe’s civilization is rooted in the values of Jerusalem, Athens, Rome, and the Enlightenment — and not in Mecca, Baghdad, Andalusia, and al-Kods. He fights for Europe’s independence from the Caliphate and for its endangered freedoms. He had received serious death threats even before Fitna was released.

Many Muslims in the West support him, but Geert Wilders’s principal weapons are his courage and his willingness to resist even his own government, which is slowly submitting to the OIC’s pressures. Wilders’s enemies pretend that he is an insignificant personality who makes “provocative” statements only in search of fame. In fact, if his motivation were self-interest, he could do far better by courting the OIC’s favors — as so many Europeans are doing, consciously or unconsciously — rather than risking his freedom and indeed his life.

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