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[12 - 5] On Brussels Journal: Why Muslims Like Hitler, but Not Mozart.
It is instructive to consider the fact that Middle Eastern Muslims, too, had access to Greek musical theory, yet they decided not use it, just like they did not utilize the Greek artistic legacy. Both music and pictorial arts were integrated into religious worship in Christian Europe in a way that never happened in the Islamic world. In fact, it was Gregorian chant and the growth of polyphonic music in medieval European monasteries and cathedrals which established the musical tradition that would eventually culminate in the works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven centuries later. There was no Mozart or Beethoven in the Islamic world, just like there was no Copernicus, Galileo or Newton.

[30 - 4]
On Gates of Vienna: Sweden Tops European Rape League — But Why?
Ethnologist Maria Bäckman, in her study “Whiteness and gender,” has followed a group of Swedish girls in the suburb of Rinkeby outside Stockholm, where natives have been turned into a minority of the inhabitants due to immigration. The subjects “may encounter prejudices such as the idea that Swedish girls act and dress in a sexually provocative way or that blonde girls are easy.” Bäckman relates that several of the Swedish girls she interviewed stated that they had dyed their hair to avoid sexual harassment. They experienced that being blonde involves old men staring at you, cars honking their horns and boys calling you “whore.”
[23 - 4] On Brussels Journal: Why We Need Germany.
I’m tired of people who are busy losing this world war because they are still obsessed with the previous one, which ended generations ago. Anti-Nazism has mutated into a permanent witch-hunt on an imaginary enemy. The notion that “neo-Nazis” constitute a prominent group today is nonsense. The most dangerous people by far are those running the European Union, who are busy dismantling European civilization and enlarging the borders of the EU to include the Middle East and North Africa, thus flooding their own countries with tens of millions of Muslims and other hostile aliens without consulting the native population. This makes the EU the largest criminal entity on the planet, preoccupied with destroying an entire continent, dismantling the greatest civilization that has ever existed and replacing the native population with others.
[23 - 4] On Jihad Watch: A Critical Look at The House of Wisdom by Jonathan Lyons.
Jonathan Lyons is not too reliable or balanced in his writings about the history of science, either. He admits that none of the scholars in the Islamic world ever did anything as bold as placing the Earth in orbit around the Sun, as Copernicus did, but he claims that “highly sophisticated Arab scientists” facilitated this great breakthrough. So why didn’t these Muslim scholars make the same breakthrough on their own when they had the same starting point?
[21 - 4] Away from his usual haunts, on La Yijad en Eurabia: A History of Mechanical Clocks‏
While the early production of mechanical clocks was centered in countries such as Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, France and England, tiny, landlocked Switzerland was eventually to become more closely associated in the popular imagination with the production of mechanical clocks and watches than any other nation in the world. During the Protestant Reformation in the sixteenth century, the reformer Jean Calvin (1509-1564) in Geneva had no use for ornaments and vanities in a city that once had a strong jewelry manufacture, but strict Calvinists were willing to make an exception for watches.

Why Muslims Like Hitler, but Not Mozart
Sweden Tops European Rape League — But Why?
Why We Need Germany
A Critical Look at The House of Wisdom by Jonathan Lyons
A History of Mechanical Clocks‏
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Mathematics and Religion
Islam and the Decline of Greek Culture: A Critical Look at John Freely's Book “Aladdin’s Lamp”
“The House of Wisdom” by Jonathan Lyons: A Brief Review
Islamic Jihad vs. the Western Way of War
Alhazen, Kepler and the History of Optics
Why Asians Didn’t Invent Space Travel
The History of Optics, part 6
The History of Optics, part 5
The Decline of the English-Speaking World

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