The unlikely hero

Finally the media in the Netherlands are coming around to the fact that the tour of the USA by Geert Wilders is something special: Wilders Now a Celebrity in US and Prime Minister in Poll.
Wilders was greeted by neo-conservatives - as by a growing portion of the Dutch population - as a martyr for freedom of speech. The contrasts with Europe are great. A conservative philosopher said of his impact in the American media: "He is more than a hero. He is a celebrity".

Wilders says his criticism of Islam is dealt with much less frenetically in America. "In the Netherlands, the elite consider that you may not speak as I do, but here (in the US) freedom is in the genes. (...) I notice that in this country, at least arguments are exchanged. The Netherlands and Europe could adopt this as an example."

According to Wilders, the Pentagon shares his fears of a 'Eurabia'. "I have spoken with Pentagon staff, and they fear for the stability of Europe if the influence of Islam grows further."

Last week, the PVV leader showed Fitna, his short film against Islam, five times in the US, including in the Lyndon B. Johnson auditorium in the Capitol building at the invitation of Republican Senator Jon Kyl. "Can you imagine: in the Netherlands, you go to prison if you show the film, and here you are welcome in the parliament." Fitna was also shown in the National Press Club.
For a good impression of Wilders'performance at the CPAC go to Pamela's place. The pics and video show there was more to it then the 'Some 40 people' the NRC reported.

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