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Aaargh... Minister Permits Separate Male-Female Dutch Language Classes
THE HAGUE, 03/04/09 - Municipalities are allowed to schedule separate classes for men and women for integration courses if this boosts the effectiveness of integration, according to Integration Minister Eberhard van der Laan.

Van der Laan has sent a letter to all municipalities in which he points out that migrants on integration courses must be made aware of "the principle of equality between men and women." This does not mean however that men and women always have to have lessons together, in his view.

According to Van der Laan, local authorities can organise separate courses for men and women if this is the most effective way to point out equality to migrants. Separate courses can avert women not turning up at the Dutch language and culture courses, because they feel they are not allowed to meet strange men, he argues.
Gender separated classes to point out equality between men and women. You just have to be a socialist to make that logic work!

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