Why are they not thoroughly discredited?

The picture below shows the varying IPCC projections and the actual realized trends in CO2 and global temperature. Why do we still give these lying sacks of human waste posing as scientists (yes, I am looking at you dr. Hansen) money, airtime? Why are they not thoroughly discredited yet? Why are they still in town, untarred and featherless?

(Click for larger version. Hat tip to Hans Labohm of De Dagelijkse Standaard)

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Hannah zei

You are taking climate data from 4 years. Thats not long enough to make an assumption about the climate. CO2 is still very close. And if you look at actual graphs longer than years you could see the actual trend where the IPCC and climate models made their assumptions. Climates models aren't perfect but the way you are portraying the IPCC is just putting a spin on data. If you want to make a real argument put it in atleast 30 years dumbass. Learn the actual science before discrediting it.

Klein Verzet zei

Completely missing the point of this post, are we?

Let me spell it out for you: the IPCC made forecasts of mean global temperature en global CO2 levels. Comparing their predictions with what actually happened shows one thing with shining clarity: They were wrong. They were all wrong. The IPCC had it wrong, the scientists involved were wrong. All their hysterical shreeking about the world coming apart due to us humans was wrong. And hence, you are wrong as well.

It *is* that simple.

Jholbrook zei

Actual temperatures are always variable thanks to the constant interplay of tons of other variables. Water temperatures, the melting of the CO2 in the bottom of the ocean, the solar storms and lunar effects on winds and temperatures, etc, etc.
CO2 however is easily seen as rising and rising.
Furthermore, since the last ten years have been the hottest on record, to see the average temp lower itself a bit suggests that this sample is actually started at one of the hottest periods ever attained, and so a slight decrease is understandable, or these temperature readings are falsified.
In either case, it was recently discovered that the oceans are absorbing most of the added heat from climate change lately, sort of like how you can boil water in a paper cup if you do it right, because it heats the water first, thus affecting temperatures. This is not good because it will increase the amount of CO2 released from frozen reserves in the bottom of the ocean, which may not be noticeable in temperature variances for a while, but Heaven forbid the future of fools who ignore this.
Anyone who thinks we can keep adding CO2 in the air without affect is a fool.
Anyone who thinks it just helps plants grow more, like some of the recent GOP politicians, is also a fool.
As if there will be a huge increase in plants to absorb the added CO2... lol.... in a world that can only present a finite amount of space and resources for "more" plants. Gee... I wonder where they will just miracalously "pop up"? The Sahara? In the ever disappearing Rain Forests?
No.. the only person "lieing" and whom should be "tarred and feathered" is YOU, Klein Verzet.


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