The death of parliamentary democracy

On EU Referendum we get a deeper look at the significance of the scandal over the expense accounts of members of parliament and the resignation of the Speaker of the House, Michael Martin. Rather important are the observations on the role of the EUnion in this affair, citing the hand over of parliamentary power to Brussels per the various EU treaties as the root cause for the rot in the system.
It was [the European Communities Act] which enables governments to implement what is now EU law, often encompassing hundreds of pages of provisions which dwarf all but the most ambitious Bills. And so convenient did the government find the process that it has adopted it for most of its legislation, effectively robbing Parliament of its meaning.

It is this loss of authority that lies at the heart of the current crisis. Long before it broke, people already had begun to realise that much of what went on in Westminster was a hollow charade. The "expenses" issue is simply the "rock" on which the crashing waves of public contempt have broken.

Thus, fixing the expenses system is going to have no effect whatsoever. Even purging the current Parliament and replacing it with a brand new, squeaky-clean cast of actors would not make the slightest bit of difference. Parliament has been broken for decades and fiddling with the petty cash system is not going to mend it.
As observed by EU Referendum, the sacrifice of the Speaker will do nothing in remedying the systemic rot in the parliamentary democratic system that has ruled the British Isles for so long. Instead, it will likely finish off what meager anorexic vestiges of democracy Britain has left.
However, since Parliament has largely been relegated to "procedural and ceremonial" matters, it is only appropriate that the Speaker should be allocated a similar role. But a Parliament which is no longer in charge of regulating its own affairs – and thus disempowered - can no longer lay claim to regulating the conduct of government.

In the fullness of time, I suppose, the new body – which we could call the Parliamentary Regulatory Agency Temporary (or "Offtrough" for short) – will have to be brought under the control of the about-to-be formed European Parliamentary Regulatory Agency. Clearly, under the Single Market, different rules cannot be allowed for different national parliaments.

Then the take-over will be complete, with Speaker Martin being remembered for his scorched earth policy which finally destroyed the very idea of an independent parliament in Westminster.
If the diagnosis is correct (and I see no reason to doubt it) there is a lesson to be learned for other parliamentary democracies, like our own Dutch parliamentary monarchy. We've been co-opted into this system a good time longer then the UK. Moreover, consecutive governments have shown a blind eagerness to join every and any silly idea coming from the EUnion federalistas. Hence, with our own Second and First Chamber being hollowed out, much as British parliament is, we will likely see a repeat of sorts here in the Netherlands of the depressing spectacle we're witnessing across the Little Pond. Unless parliament is dedicated to defend and regain it's independence, it is of no use. And we all sit around, watching it crumble, untill there is nothing left and we can begin our lives as sad little subjects of the region North West of a 'post-democratic' EUnion.

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