Reality bites... Again

Two pieces of news this weekend that show that in Amsterdam at least authorities are slowly waking up from their multicul slumber and look at the world with at least on bleary eye open.

First, police commissioner Leen Schaap, in an interview with Amsterdam daily Het Parool (NL) admits that the interminable aid given to 'youth' and their parent in the Amsterdam dsitrict Zuid-Oost has failed and is failing spectacularly.
'Boys that hung out on the streets just last year, are now committing armed robberies and burglaries all over the country,' says commissioner Leen Schaap, chief of police in Amsterdam South. He also has indications that the boys are trafficking drugs. 'The enormous aid operation set up in recent years, is all well and good, but the families where it truly matters are the families we don't reach. Thus we must conclude that the interminable aid as it currently is, is pointless'.

The police argues for sharpening the law so as to give aid workers more power of enforcement to get through to families that refuse of frustrate the help they receive.
District alderman Egbert de Vries added that about half of the families where problems exist with criminal 'youth' refuse help, because 'they don't like being confronted with their failings as unbringers'. One wonders: does he remember the Swiss example?

Second, this Saturday the council of Amsterdam district De Baarsjes (rather well-known to regular readers of this blog) has cancelled the co-operation with a number of mosques in the district. According to Elsevier (NL) in the 'contract', signed in 2004 by a number of mosques and the city district council, mosque authorities promised to 'engage' radicalising flock members. If criminal activity was detected, the mosques were to bring charges with the local police.

To the surprise of no-one but the Baarsjes council, the results of signing the contract has had zero result. No charges were brought and no radicalising youth were 'engaged'. Thus, the council has cancelled the contract. It would seem that Amsterdam authorities now have first hand experience of the concept of Ketman.

But all is not lost(!). District council president Godfried Lambriex will keep open the 'dialogue' on issues like radicalisation. Good luck with that.

Baby steps, I know, but that (some) Amsterdam authorities are finally, finally coming around to recognizing that the multicul way of dealing with problems is not paying dividends is encouraging. I just hope that new-found insight is lasting.

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