Compare and contrast

Today in an interview with the daily Trouw (NL), our intrepid minister of defense, Eimert van Middelkoop (p), stated that Geert Wilders is a 'transitional figure' fighting a 'rear-guard action'. Wilders is longing for the Netherlands as they were some 40-50 years ago, and in actuality the integration of (mulsim) minorities is much more advanced then Wilders would want.

Just as this interview was making the rounds around the Dutch blogosphere, we were treated to this bit of news from De Telegraaf: A detainee of Sittard prison has filed, through his lawyer, an official complaint, because he is forced to eat halal food.

As it turns out, a sizable (some would say: disproportionate) part of the prison population is muslim. Since featuring two menues is deemed too expensive, several Dutch prisons have cut deals with halal only suppliers, leaving the non-mulsim prisoner without his pork meatball: The choice is between ritually slaughtered sheep or beef.

So... You were saying, mr. van Middelkoop?

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