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[16-6] On Democracy Reform: Britain: From Parliament to Police State.
The sad part when writing this is that while Britain was once admired for its political system and was rightfully hailed as a beacon of liberty, today Britain is one of the most politically repressive countries in the Western world, which is saying a lot given how bad Politically Correct censorship is in the entire Western world these days. Britain today is a Multicultural police state where sharia, Islamic law, is quite literally treated as the law of the land. I suppose there is a strange sort of symmetry in this: Britain was one of the first countries in the West to embrace political liberty and is now among the first to leave political liberty behind.

I'm a bit behind on my updating, I know. Here's the 15 most recent FF's (that I am aware of). If you think I missed one, please use the comments to let me know.

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