The measure of the man

If anything proves what a completely worthless specimen of humanity Barack Obama really is, this is it: Obama Cuts Funding to Democracy Protesters In Iran. That came out in the same weekend Neda met her untimely death.

Moreover, he still wants to negotiate with Irans little big man.

Hope and change not working out as everybody thought, is it?

[Instant Update] Also from Jim Hoft: Regime Change Iran is back up after three years. And for a little light: Our own embassy has opened its doors to injured Iranian protesters. This way the protesters avoid arrest when reporting to a hospital. Lately I haven't been able to say that a lot, but: Yay for us!!!

[UPDATE001] The Infidel Bloggers Alliance has the complete list of embassies receiving wounded protesters.

[UPDATE002] Some sobering observations from Diana West, by way of Dymphna.

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