To my own surprise

As the proprietor and main contributor to this modest blog, I get with some regularity emails accusing me of all kinds of human depravity. First and foremost among these are accusation of being a far-right bigot. So far-right in fact, that a number of emailers strongly suspect I am a closet nazi.

So it was with some trepidation that I filled out The Politics Test, fully suspecting that my right wing leanings were going to be exposed to the full glaring light of day. But, as the illustration below shows: I am not a nazi. According to this thing I am not even overly conservative or right wing.

Centrist to the core I am, apparently. Of course none of the questions in the test had anything to do with islamisation, rampant immigration or the EUnion. Answers to those questions would probably have resulted in a completely different result.

Or so I hope. Because lets be honest: A more boring result then the above is hardly imaginable, is it? Look Ma, I'm not a nazi. I am a boring git!

(h/t ATW)

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