It on... again... on October 2nd

Ireland's Taoiseach (PM) Brian Cowen today announced when the do-over of the Irish referendum on the EU constitution Turnip Lisbon treaty is to be held: October 2nd of this year.

This comes after mr. Cowen secured the promise of a possibility of amending the treaty to settle Irish concerns during the 'summit' late last month. As we wrote then:
So the upshot really is, that the Irish have not got what they asked, they just got the promise that maybe they will get their wish, but only after they accept the Turnip Lisbon Treaty.

But since every other leader who managed ratification of the Turnip will not risk renegotiation of the treaty (with the risk of demands for a referendum attached to it), this promise is as empty as a slice of intergalactic space.
The next referendum is then, in very real terms, a literal do-over. The Irish get to vote on the exact same treaty, expected to give a 'Yes' this time around. That is how the EUnion works, don't you know?

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