They would not think of doing it to the Koran

Pope Benedict XVI puts the finger on the sore spot that is modern-day Western art:
The Pope has condemned a ' disgusting' taxpayer-funded exhibition in which visitors are urged to deface the Bible.

Visitors were offered pens by gallery bosses so they could scrawl comments on the text - leading to a host of puerile and obscene remarks.

Pope Benedict XVI believes the stunt would not have been contemplated with a copy of the Koran.

His anger over the show, organised by council-funded arts body Culture
and Sport Glasgow, was expressed by a senior Vatican priest.

The adviser to the Pope said: 'It is disgusting and offensive. They would not think of doing it to the Koran.'
The exhibition in question is Made in God's Image, which stated aim is '[t]o develop an innovative and challenging programme of visual art exhibitions, projects and education events to promote respect of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) human rights'.

The exhibition has changed it's set up in the mean time. Says the artist in question: 'I am saddened that some people have chosen to write offensive messages'.

Make of it what you will.

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