The golden rule

Flagged up by reader DP111: A piece by Robert Spencer, the proprietor of Jihad Watch, on Frontpage: Muslims Persecute Christians.
On Saturday, a frenzied mob of three thousand Muslims stormed the tiny Pakistani Christian village of Gojra. Enflamed by (unconfirmed) charges that a Christian had burned pages of the Qur’an, the mob burned down fifty homes, burned eight Christians alive, and wounded twenty others. Thousands of Christians fled the area.

Last Thursday, enraged by the same report of blasphemy, another Muslim mob torched seventy-five Christian homes, along with two churches, in Koriyan, a village near Gojra.
In Nigeria also a seemingly organized campaign to drive out Christians is underway.

One of the fundamental rules in Western society is the Golden Rule: Treat anyone the way you would want to be treated. Given that rule, dear Muslim leaders in Europe: Do you really think we will not, at some point, start to treat you as you treat our brethren?

You may have cowed most of our political leaders. But such people come and go. Nothing lasts forever. In the mean time, ordinary citizens as sitting back, taking note, keeping score. And God help you if the Saxon has had enough.

Keep piling on those straws, my dears...

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