There she is again

It looks like for the first time in the Netherlands a Muslim party will enter elections. In this case it is the Netherlands Muslim Party (NMP), which will enter municipal elections in five constituencies. Esther has the goods in EN.

In Rotterdam the NMP will be headed by Bouchra Ismaili (p). This creature was featured on this blog before, when in her capacity as member of council for the PvdA in Charlois (a Rotterdam burrough) she answered an email with critical questions about the activities of Hizb-ut-Tahrir in the Netherlands with a less then polite:
"Listen well, you crazy freak. We are here to stay! Hahahaha. Drop dead! I am a Dutch Muslim and I will stay that way until I die.

You are the foreigners here!!! With Allah on my side I fear no one. Me and my fellow Muslims are alive! Your species is being consumed by hatred. Let me give you some advice: Convert to Islam and find peace at heart!"
(A translation of the full email can be found here)

Ultimately, this incident led to her dismissal from council as well as from the PvdA. And now she wants a do-over, heading the Rotterdam chapter of the NMP. And thus the first Dutch muslim party is off on a great, great start. Who ever said that muslims don't have a sense of humour?

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