Three long year

Three year. It took authorities three long year to decide whether or not to prosecute anyone having the temerity to republish the Danish Motoons in the Netherlands. From DutchNews:
Tv programme Nova and politician Geert Wilders will not be prosecuted for publishing controversial Danish cartoons which poke fun at Mohammed, the public prosecution department said on Tuesday.

The department said reproducing the 12 cartoons, which led to worldwide unrest when published in a Danish newspaper in 2006, is not punishable by law because they target Mohammed not Muslims in general.

The cartoons 'do not insult Muslims nor incite hatred', the department said in a statement.
That the cartoons did not incite hatred was, of course, clear from day one. So presumably the three years were taken up by twisting reality in such a way that these slow-as-thick-manure civil servants could maintain with dry eyes, that the cartoons did not insult Muslims. If memory serves they did. Something to do with mass protests, killings and some smashed embassy. Unwarranted, to be sure, but evidently some muslims took offence. Even in the Netherlands.

Another target for possible prosecution, now acquitted, was the Arab-European League. In reaction to the Danish Motoon brouhaha they published on their website a couple of truly offensive cartoons. One features Anne Frank enjoying a post-coital cigarette with Herr Hitler. The other, republished after yesterdays acquittal, suggests that the Holocaust was a Jewish invention (a very common theme for readers of our modest blog and those like it, methinks).

Actually, republishing that cartoon is a direct provocation aimed at Dutch authorities, since yesterdays ruling said that
the pro-Arab Arabische Europese Liga has been told it does face prosecution unless it removes a cartoon featuring two Jews inventing the holocaust.
Childish in the extreme. But then again, we've come to expect nothing more substantial from the AEL to begin with.

The AEL cartoon is tasteless, offensive and in direct contradiction to established historical fact. But actually, I don't think they merit prosecution. Firstly because I don't think any cartoonist, unless inciting violence, should be prosecuted. That's a liberty thing. But secondly: Offensive, obnoxious little clubs like the AEL should be able to publish their extruded material as wide as possible. The more people get acquainted with the verbal and drawn manure emanating from the desks of those juvenile losers, the more people will recognize the AEL for the utter failure that it is.

In the same vain I diametrically oppose Geert Wilders' (in Dutch jurispudence quite legitimate) suggestion to ban the Koran. The Koran shouldn't be banned, it should be spread far and wide, so that all of the population can read the confused, tawdry, stilted and self-defeating prose that poses for Holy writ in islam.

The truth will set you free, and all that...

Mmmmh... This post ended up in a completely different place then I intended. Let me just end with expressing my relief that nobody is prosecuted here for displaying the Danish motoons. That is a step in the right direction. Now, if those same people could take a closer look at the Nekschot case. He, after all, is still facing prosecution...

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