EUnion taxes on the way

From the Daily Mail, EU Comission president Manuel Barroso: Plan for EU tax to appear on all receipts. Remember how we were promised the EU would not become a 'super-state', with its own army, police force or taxes, by certain parties (yes, Jan-Peter, I am looking at your irritatingly sanctimonious visage, you sorry excuse for a decent human being)?
The European Commission President said in an interview with The Daily Telegraph the idea of an EU tax will be discussed in the autumn as part of a major rethink about of how European funding is collected.

There will be "no taboos", with every radical option left on the table for discussion, he said.

Mr Barroso said under the proposals, "EU and national VAT should appear as separate taxes on the invoices or receipts" every time consumers make a purchase, buy fuel or pay for an airline ticket.
The article makes it sound as if we're already paying EUnion taxes and the proposal by El Presidente would merely make it explicit. But this is in fact not the case, as becomes clear towards the end of the interview:
The Commission President is concerned that the current system of negotiating EU contributions from strained national budgets leads to resentment and a "who pays and who benefits" blame culture.
Be that as it may: We did not sign up for this. Are you listening, over there in The Hague: WE DID NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS! We voted 'NO', which you lot backhandedly twisted into a 'yes' to satisfy your own petty ambitions. Do you really think we will take kindly to you lot rolling over on this issue?

[UPDATE001] And a big 'thank you' to Richard North for the kind mention (one is tempted to add 'in dispatches', but that would be a bit too presumptuous). Richard takes a more jaded view, saying 'They've been trying it on for years and, in the fullness of time, will succeed – as they always do'.

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