Even on the left they are now saying it out loud

Femke Halsema, fraction leader of the flamingly leftist and multicul Groen Links, wants muslim women to throw of the head scarf (NL). Despite in earlier times arguing for sexe-separated train carriages, she now seems to have rediscovered her feminist roots. At least, that is what she told the Pers in an interview.

Moreover, she roundly admitted that islam is a problem. Color me flabbergasted! Femke? She said that? Well, yes:
Naturally Islam is a problem. Indeed, especially Islam in combination with illiteracy. It is: having few opinions of your own about the good life. Not having much foothold in education and work, fearing our society and thereby being very receptive to what the imam thinks. Who is often very conservative.
Esther has parts of the interview translated in EN. Head on over and take in the curious spectacle of the leader of a party that has its roots firmly in communist and pacifist (i.e. hard-core leftist) circles, openly siding with Geert Wilders on matters islam.

Be still my heart...

[UPDATE001] EN reporting can be found here.

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