Light the torches, sharpen the pitchforks

A couple of days ago we wrote:
If our intrepid PM ends up as commissar in the EU Commission or (God forbid) as EUnion president, we'll know why the Turnip was ratified. That would be a good signal to start a general (and violent) insurrection against all (cabinet members former and current, journalists, parliamentarians) who conspired in this treachery.
And what do we read today?
Dutch Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende is conducting a "very subtle" lobbying campaign in Brussels to be considered a candidate for the job of EU Council president, according to sources, who forecast that should the Lisbon Treaty enter into force, he will be strongly backed by Angela Merkel.
Judas Iscariot, Anton Mussert, Vidkun Quisling. Just a few of the names that fluttering around in my brain when reading this. makes a point of the support our intrepid PM enjoys from the likes of Angela Merkel and (presumably) Nicolas Sarkozy. I'll bet! Endowed with the spine of a jellyfish and the initiative rivalling that of the worst of lazy municipal civil servants, he'll be like putty in the hands of those that really pull the strings.

Mind you, this is the man who presided over four cabinets, the first three of which collapsed well before the end of the normal four year term. And whether the current cabinet (the term of which ends in 2011) will improve our intrepid PMs record in that regard is also very much in doubt. Having someone so accident-prone for president of the EUnion Council doesn't spell out news that is all bad, now does it?

Still, there remains that niggling coincidence... The Dutch 'NO!' on the EUnion constitution was neatly shuffled under the rug by this man. That same man was centrally and actively involved in denying Dutch voters a referendum on Son of the Constitution, the Lisbon Treaty. And now, out of the seeming blue, this man is in line to become EUnion Council president? It might be just me, but there's a distinct smell of corruption on a grand scale thickening the air...

[UPDATE001] adds this tidbit:
The Lisbon treaty on EU reform includes the establishment of a permanent president - unlike the current rotating presidency. Balkenende's name is being touted in Brussels as a strong candidate, the Financieele Dagblad said at the time. An appointment is likely to be made early next year.
Which makes it all the more likely the record of our intrepid PM of not seeing any of his cabinets to term will indeed remain untarnished.

[UPDATE002] We reported it before, but to re-emphasize what a ghastly piece of work the Turnip really is head over to Gates of Vienna: Diametrically in opposition to many a member state constitution the Lisbon Treaty will re-instate the death penalty, up to and including legitimizing killings “to legitimately crush a riot or a rebellion”.

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