Wilders' Party of Freedom still the biggest

Much has been made of Wilders' (rather unserious) suggestion for a headscarf tax. In the Netherlands many a blogger and the MSM (both NL) as a whole revelled in what was judged as 'serious overreaching' and an epic error in judgement on Wilders' part. Especially in the MSM the diagnosis was that (finally, at last) Wilders and his party have jumped the shark.

And then a new poll was published. According to TNS/NIPO (NL) the PVV currently stands as largest, with 28 (out of 150) in Second Chamber of Dutch parliament, followed by the Christian Democrat CDA(22 seats) and, curiously, the flamingly multicultural Democrats '66 with around 20 seats as well.

Last week another poll, by Maurice de Hond (NL) has the PVV and CDA vying for first place. Currently the CDA stands at 28 and the PVV at 27 seats according to this poll. In both polls the current government coalition, CDA, PvdA and CU (christian democrats, labour and christian union) accrue no more the 49 seats. In other words, they represent less then a third of Dutch voters.

Thus the news about the demise of Geert Wilders' political career and his PVV seem greatly exaggerate, even after the much criticised suggestion for the tax on islamic headcovers. Indications are that if and when we finally get to go into the booth, the Wilders and the PVV will unambiguously emerge as a political force to be reckoned with.

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