Will common sense prevail?

Today the Irish people will have an opportunity the rest of us, citizens of EU member states, were denied: Vote 'yes ' or 'no' on the the Turnip, the constitutional Lisbon treaty. However, the signs are foretelling little good. Polls in Ireland showed a a majority of around 60% - 65% for the 'Yes' camp.

In no small part this is due to the extraordinary effort on the part of the EUnion to ensure the 'right' outcome this time around, from 'subtly' bribing Irish industry up to and including breaking its own laws. This in turn has lead the NO-campaign in Ireland contemplating legal action against the EU commission:
"This is unwarranted and illegal interference by the EU commission, we believe it gives us grounds to mount a legal challenge in the event of a yes vote."
In the event of an Irish 'yes', the battle is not over. Poland has yet to ratify. In the Czech Republic senators have lodged a complaint against the Turnip with the Czech constitutional court. Potentially, this could delay the institutionalisation of the Turnip with many months. Months in which the UK will have a general election, that in all likelihood will be won by the Conservatives. Their leader, David Cameron has made a point out of promising a referendum if the Turnip has not been ratified by all EU member states by then. According to EU Referendum Cameron will be loath to hold one, but the Czech move may force his hand. In the event a UK referendum will result in a resounding 'NO!' no matter how many times it is repeated. That would finally, definitively destroy the undead beast that is the Turnip.

In the mean time in Brussels the EUnionists are drawing up contingency plans if by some small miracle the Turnip gets buried a second time (or a fourth time, of you also count the French and Dutch referendum on the original constitutional treaty). Contingency plans that amount to dismissing Lisbon but going ahead with the program described therein anyway.

But there is no denying that a 'Yes' tomorrow will be a blow to all who oppose the monstrosity that is the EUnion. A EUnion that will become even more monstrous (see also here) when in the Turnip comes into effect. A all that will have been bought with an empty promise to an Irish that has the sense to vote against an anti-democratic, unaccountable dictatorship of civil servants.

As the Huntsman notes:
Quite why the Irish should spend a lot of blood and seven hundred years of effort to regain her independence only to toss it casually away ninety years later will be the one of greastest puzzles of human history if they vote "yes" in the forthcoming referendum.
God, I hope that common sense will prevail today after all.

[UPDATE001] More on the matter by mrs. Szamuely: Let us stop and think.
[T]he gap between the elite that is blatantly determined to impose its chosen political structures on the people and those people is ever larger; the legitimacy of the EU is weaker than ever and grows daily more so. And a yes vote today in Ireland may well speed that process up. Indeed, if the Irish vote yes, we may well date the beginning of the EU’s disintegration October 2, 2009.
[UPDATE002] Daniel Hannan: Ireland (...) is turning to deeper integration, not in hope, but in despair.

[UPDATE003] Mr. North is quite optimistic:
There is a very large measure of comfort in prospect of a "yes" vote in the Irish referendum. For, if as widely predicted - although by no means in the bag - the Europhiles prevail and the vote clears the way for the full ratification of the constitutional Lisbon treaty, today, 2 October, will go down in history as the day the EU started to unravel.
Head on over to read why that may be the case.

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