Ach, how sad

The Netherlands have two muslim broadcaster: NIO and NMO, each of which is responsible for 1 hour on Dutch public TV. But as happens so often, there was much sibling rivalry between them. SO much so, that much of the subsidies lavished on them by our government was spent on lawyers to battle each other in court.

The situation got so bad, that the responsible minister, Ronald Plasterk, threatened to take away their license. Unable to settle their differences, they have now BOTH decided to dissolve themselves (NL).

I don't know what the exact problem is. And frankly I am not that interested. Chalk this one up as yet another example that islam is divided against itself: When a common enemy is no longer a pressing matter they invariably turn on each other. Shia and Sunni, or Gazastan and West Bank, anyone?

[UPDATE001] Esther has more including the (muslim) contenders for the now-free time slots.

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