The cat's out of the bag

In the Times today a curious piece centred around the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research. They maintain that in order to meet the targets for CO2 emission reduction, living standards in Britain and the West in general must fall dramatically.
The wealthier parts of the world, including Britain, will have to seriously consider reducing their levels of consumption over the next 10-15 years while we put in place low-carbon technologies.

That may mean having only one car per household, a smaller fridge, buying fewer clothes and electronic goods and curtailing the number of weekend breaks that we have.
Now, for quite a long time now there has been the suspicion that the climate change myth was concocted with an ulterior motive in mind. That the ends were not so much a more sustainable world, but more tax revenue and redistribution of wealth between nations. But the centres director, Kevin Anderson, tells as as sort of an afterthought, it may be much worse. Much, much worse (emphasis added).
It’s a very uncomfortable message but we need a planned economic recession. Economic growth is currently incompatible with reductions in absolute emissions.
Let's analyse that a little: Mr. Anderson wants a planned recession. A recession is an economy shrinking. In fact, a planned recession is a planned shrinking economy. Or, in short: A planned economy.

To 'plan' a recession, one would have to have absolute control of the economy. Mr. Anderson is arguing for a plan economy, the ultimate dream of every totalitarian facsimile of human life ever since Marx dreamt up his childishly misguided vision of humanity. I do not know whether Mr. Anderson was caught off-guard, or whether he thinks this the most natural and innocuous statement to make in present times, but he truly let the cat out of the bag.

This is what the environmental scam is all about: A means to legitimise taking control of the economy and change it into a plan economy. Because the last time it worked so well too. Time to dust off Friedrich Hayeks 'The Road to Serfdom' (or here for the short version; pdf) and start reading, methinks. If you prefer pictures: Here you go.

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