Do-it-yourself hockeystick

Via WUWT we get a very illustrative post by Lucia's Blackboard on how to construct your own hockey stick graph from randomly generated 'proxies'.

Yes, you read that right: Now you can create your very own super-alarming hockey stick graph showing the urgent necessity to wreck our economies and hand over ever more money in (carbon) taxes to Al Gore and the Goristas. And all you need is a spreadsheet with a random number generator. It is THAT easy...

All kidding aside, it provides a good explanation on how improper statistical procedure inadvertently biases climate reconstructions by the likes of Mann et al. to show what they want it to show.

But that is not all...

Also on WUWT the discovery that in those reconstructions (by Mann et al.) some proxies were 'up-side-down proxies'. For some reason or other Mann et al. got the data on at least four proxies inverted. And wouldn't you know it: Those were four proxies that indicated recent cooling. But after the mistake (if that's what it was) those proxies showed recent warming. Awesome coincident that.

Between that and the DIY hockey stick it seems we are back where we started some 15-20 years ago. That much vaunted consensus is as dead as can be.

[INSTANT UPDATE] WUWT also has a new widget (see right column of KV) where the latest stats of some important climate indicators are shown: global temperature anomaly, atmospheric CO2 levels, number of sunspots and solar flux. Just click on it (or the link above) to get the code.

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