Evolution, not revolution!

Readers may have noticed some changes to Klein Verzet over the last weeks. I've upped the post font size somewhat. I recently bought a new system, and I noticed that on modern monitors the readability of posts appeared a tad sub-optimal. After some reader comments (yes, I am looking at you, DP) I did the same for the comments. Following Esther's example, I added a share/save button by addtoany.com.

I also started looking into updating the template of the blog, as well as coming up with a nice header for Klein Verzet (if there are any readers out there with mad photoshop skillz, drop me a line in the comments). Over the coming weeks I hope to bring this blog up to slightly more modern standards. Don't expect any radical changes, though. I'm not a big believer in revolutions, as you all may be aware of.

I've updated the right column with an RSS feed from DutchNews.nl, so that all and sundry can stay abreast of the important goings on in our damp little corner of the world. Dutch News is used here as a regular source of EN reporting on Dutch issues to such an extent, I might as well put it up in its entirety.

In the mean time: If you have some suggestions, you heartily invited to share them in the comments.

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