Monday morning linkage

To start of the week, a couple of links to stories that caught my attention.

Another EDL demo, another accusation of racism: Arrests as rival race demonstrations clash (thanks to DP111).

Scandinavia is rapidly approaching actual Intifada: “Sweden as a Horrific Example”
What we are seeing are indications that society is dissolving. Muslim parallel societies have become so extreme that they display direct aggression towards the rest of the society. Regularly we also see attacks on firefighters and ambulance teams.
The tectonic plates in governmental and administrative Holland are shifting profoundly: Trade union FNV meets over Wilders talks. (Update Monday: Shifting has stopped. For the moment... Time permitting I will do a fuller post on this issue).

Amsterdam discovers the reality of the Laffer curve as it applies to parking: Amsterdam finances hit by parking fees.
In total, the city expected income from parking to reach €136m this year, but the final figure is set to be €124m, a shortfall of €12m
Even the BBC is starting to wonder: What happened to global warming? And the British government, in a new low of climate propaganda, is resorting to actual fairy tales.

Meanwhile: the IPCC didn't get projections of the CO2-levels or the global temperature right. And now it turns out it got the methane projection wrong too.

This weekend Poland caved to the Turnip, leaving Vaclav Klaus to face the EUnion politburo on his own. And Germany and France are in Prague letting everyone know who really is in charge in the 'new' post-Turnip EUnion.

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