Not Evil Just Wrong

Next week, on October 18 a highly unexpected film will premier. The film is entitled 'Not Evil Just Wrong' and has been made by Greener Horizon Films, producers of the critically acclaimed “Mine Your Own Business” (Ferdy covered the latter here).

According to Thoughts on Freedom Not Evil Just Wrong 'will be a game-changer'.
Not Evil Just Wrong applies rigorous investigative journalism and cutting-edge cinematographic techniques to create a documentary that is not only a compilation of scientific data regarding ‘climate change’, but also includes personal stories that highlight the very real danger of climate-change hysteria presents. This is no dry, scientific analysis: it is a personal look at the human cost of radical environmentalism. From the millions who have died in Africa due to anti-DDT pushes, to the jobs and lives that will be destroyed if cap-and-tax is passed around the world, for the first time environmentalist will be held to account.

Having watched the film, I can say without any doubt that it is brilliantly produced, funny, moving and very, very powerful. And defiantly worth watching.
Here's the trailer:

Predictably, the reactions on the left reaches of the political spectrum were less then enthusiastic.
One environmentalist sent McAleer and McElhinney an e-mail describing them as “stinking, selfish, sociopathic fascists” and expressed a desire for them to be executed.

“It is one of my fondest hopes that whatever remnants of human civilization exists at the end of this catastrophe is able to put people like you on trial for crimes against humanity and give you the same treatment Hitler’s henchmen got at Nurnberg a long drop at the end of a short rope,” the email stated. (...)

A commenter on YouTube wished that McAleer and McElhinney’s children be born handicapped because they were not campaigning against “pollution”.
Naturally enough, Hollywood will not host the premier. So the makers of Not Evil Just Wrong have resorted to distributing 'premier packs'. The pack includes the DVD, the official poster of the film, invitations/postcards to send out to invite friends and even a piece of red carpet to put out in front of ones door for a real premier evening.

The films website is here.

[UPDATE001] Mark Gillar of The Hooterville Gazette had a sit down with the makers of Not Evil Just Wrong. They in turn had a serious indictment of what passes for journalism these days:
I've never seen a single article where an environmental correspondent has found anything wrong with anything any environmental organization has ever said. That's not journalism, that's stenography. Shouldn't we be examining where their money comes from, what
their agenda is, what the effect of environmentalism is on ordinary people? Isn't that what journalism is about?

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