Out of fear, a small country has been bullied into changing its vote

With all 43 constituencies declared it is now clear how Ireland has voted on the Turnip: 67.1 percent voted 'Yes' while 32.9 percent voted 'No'.

EU Referendum, who were live-blogging the tally, have the results.

The title quote, from British MEP Nigel Farage, says all there is to say about the Irish result. David Vance of A Tangled Web has another apt quote for the occasion.

Barry Madlener, MEP for Geert Wilders' Freedom Party released a statement (NL) in which he calls the result 'a sad outcome'. Referring to the massive EUnion support for Ireland as it deals with the fall out from the financial crisis, Madlener stated: 'The Irish have been sort of bribed by Europe'.
The bad part is that the Netherlands has made itself dependent on the Irish referendum. The Dutch opponents of the treaty were not allowed to have their say this time.
The only other party in the Netherlands that have their reservations about the Irish referendum is the Socialist Party. EP delegation leader for the SP, Dennis de Jong:
The [Irish] population has been scared into thinking that if they would not agree, the recession would become even worse. I don't think the Irish are all that happy about the treaty.
Czech President Vaclav Klaus respects the Irish vote, but for the moment stay silent about his intentions. But this doesn't sound all that uplifting:
The Irish had their last chance to say something. They did. But it is evident that they spoke for the last time because there will be no more referendums in Europe after today's Irish referendum.
Ireland has voted away democracy. In Ireland and in all other EUnion member states. This is not a good day...

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