A state of rebellion

Over on Pajamas Media Soeren Kern has a commentary on the Irish referendum vote and its likely effects in the foreseeable future.
By giving unelected EU bureaucrats jurisdiction over questions of war and peace, the Lisbon Treaty will usurp the national prerogatives of its member states on the use of military force. This will make it far more difficult for European allies to support the United States in unpopular wars in the future.

The Lisbon Treaty will push the EU in a direction that should be deeply disconcerting to Americans and Europeans alike. The Lisbon Treaty will make Europe more centralized and far less democratic than it already is. For transatlantic relations, this means that many foreign policy decisions that directly affect the United States, ranging from economics and trade to transatlantic cooperation on Islamic counterterrorism, will increasingly be made by unelected (and often pathologically anti-American) bureaucrats in Brussels rather than by national governments.

The history of European integration is a textbook case in how a simple economic treaty can be gradually transformed into an all-encompassing non-democratic supranational federal leviathan.
Commenter David H in all likelihood put into words what many of us sad little EUnion subjects are thinking:
As for me once the Lisbon treaty becomes into being I am in a state of rebellion as I do not accept to be ruled under such a tyranny!
This pretty much echoes my feelings back in October 2007 when our own government handed us out to the EUnion:
Whereas the EUnion up to now had been a wondrous nuisance, filled with curious burocratic wranglings and enjoyably inept attempts at playing with the geopolitical big boys, it now is the enemy. As of today the EUnion and all that have helped her to become what she is are the enemy. Anyone that shows that much contempt for the people as the 'colleagues' have in this six year process to foist this non-democratic super-government upon us is an enemy of the very people they invoke to excuse their actions. A regime that needs this much deceit, this many lies to gain power of government cannot be anything other then an enemy.
Back then a blog with as much equilibrium and poise as EU Referendum didn't shy from putting bluntly what the ultimate outcome will be.
[W]hen people are disfranchised and can no longer affect the way they are governed, eventually, they will rebel.

First, though, has to come the realisation that our government – of which Mr Brown is a member - is no longer in Westminster, but Brussels and that, behind the smiling faces and soothing words, it is our enemy. Then, if history is any guide, we will have to kill them.
The latest EUnion 'win' will eventually turn out to be a costly one. Anyone follwing the Irish saga with a modicum of interest has seen the EUnion for the nully-boys that they are. In coercing the Irish onto a 'Yes' they have lost any credibility and, more importantly, legitimacy to pose as our deserving leadership. October 2nd 2009 will go down in history as the day that the disintegration of the EUnion began.

In the mean time, below are a pair of internet petitions. They're probably not going to do any good (what internet petition ever did?). But speaking for myself: It is a hugely satisfying feeling to register my dissent, even if it won't do diddly-squat.

Support Vaclav Klaus - Stop the Lisbon Treaty
Stop Blair

[UPDATE001] And just to hammer the point home, here's Ambrose Evans-Pritchard:
The methods being used to force this treaty through after electorates have already spoken cross a line that may not be crossed. The European Project has become the enemy.

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