Your home is not your castle

In Emmen, in the north of the Netherlands, a thief was caught helping himself to the contents of a purse belonging to an 88 year old lady. He's done this before, so the lady's family installed a camera in the house, filmed the thief and handed the tape over to the police, who put the footage online (NL).

Now the the Lawbreakers Union ('Bond van Wetsovertreders'; BWO. We have one of those...) has filed a complaint (NL) with the National Ombudsman, arguing that filming criminal activity in a private home violates the privacy of the criminal in question. According to the 'union' video surveillance in shops is okay, 'but equipment in private homes goes too far. [The complaint] is a sort of trial suit to find out how far people may go.'

One would hope that the complaint is shoved into the circular shaped archive, while the ombudsman wipes the tears of laughter from his face. But this being the Netherlands, I am not too sure this will be the outcome...

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