... and counterpoint?

This is kind of curious: Belgian HetLaatsteNieuws.be (NL) has a short article up claiming the emails in the Climate Gate files were 'tampered with'. Now, Het Laatste Nieuws (HLN.be) is arguably a respected outlet of the Belgian MSM.

But in this case, there is something amiss. No source for the claim of tampering is given. There is an extensive quote from someone dismissing the whole affair as a conspiracy theory already overtaken by facts. But the quote is not attributed.

A short google session on my part also didn't turn up anything. In fact, they seem to be assertions without any backing source whatsoever. I've put up a translation on Page II of KV, if you want to read for yourself.

All in all this seems to be a slightly panicked and incredibly lame reaction to the Climate Gate affair. This is journalism? This is the counterpoint to Climate Gate? This is all they can muster?

(thanks to Esther for the tip)

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