Ceci n'est pas mon président

BBC item

EU Referendum: Commission 2 – Council 0
The hegemony of the commission is safe – the Commission have people in place that they control. The EU "leaders" may think they have been in the driving seat, but this is a "dual control" vehicle and the driver's side controls are not actually connected to anything.
And adding:
The forces of darkness are on the march.
Brussels Journal has details on the faux-president here.
Like Belgium, the European Union is an undemocratic institution, which needs shrewd leaders who are capable of renouncing everything they once believed in and who know how to impose decisions on the people against the will of the people. Never mind democracy, morality or the rule of law, our betters know what is good for us more than we do. And Herman is now one of our betters. He has come a long way since the days when he was disgusted with Belgian-style politics.

Herman is like Saruman, the wise wizard in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, who went over to the other side. He used to care about the things we cared about. But no longer. He has built himself a high tower from where he rules over all of us.

[UPDATE001] His Grace weighs in on Rompuy Stiltskin.
Herman Van Rompuy has succeeded precisely because he has no charisma, no initiative, no personality and no presence. In short, he has no teeth and is therefore no threat either to the Franco-German axis or to the omnipotent European Commission.

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