CG day + 8. Where is the Dutch press?

This is getting absolutely ridiculous. In Australia five Liberal MP's handed in their resignation after their leader agreed to an emission trading scheme in the midst of the AGW narrative coming apart loudly and violently. Calls are getting louder to sack Phil Jones, head of the CRU and remove Micheal 'I invented the hockeystick' Mann from the IPCC.

And in our swampy corner of the world? To their credit, the Friesch Dagblad (NL), a local paper for the nothern province of Friesland, published a commentary taking a critical view of the content of the emails. No white-washing of the information contained in the emails. No crocodile tears of the 'criminal' theft of the information from CRU. Just a good, critical analysis of the situation. They conclude:
Striving for reduced consumption of fossil fuels is right. Even if it only were to lessen dependency on unsavoury regimes that have gas or oil at their disposal. But world-wide billions are being spent to combat CO2 emissions, of which the effect on climate has not been unambiguously established. Isn't it about time to take a good look at the status of the alarming information? And to maybe consider other priorities for the world community? Poverty and hunger, for instance?
So there is at least one, all be it small and regional, paper in the Netherlands that still remembers what it is for, what its job is supposed to be.

The much larger NRC, considered to be one of the four big 'quality papers' headlines 'The hockestick is completely back' (NL), celebrating Micheal Manns new paper. Unfortunately, that paper is as flawed as were Manns previous attempt. WUWT found the same inverted proxy records at the heart of this paper as were used in previous papers. Yet another dud in an increasingly discredited array of pseudo-scientific work.

And that is it... It has been 8 days since the story of Climate Gate broke. Where the hell is our press?

[UPDATE001] On De Dagelijkse Standaard the same sentiment: Dutch Journalism is Dead (NL).
Journalism in the Netherlands looks more like a pot-bellied media spokesperson from some provincial burocratic organ. Well, sleep tight then.

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