Dutch MSM and government absent on Climate Gate

The Dutch governments first response to Climate Gate came to us via Minister of Housing, Zoning and Environment Jacqueline 'porcelain doll' Cramer (pictured). It was totally not disappointing in that it completely dismissed the actual content of the emails.

In a stroke of brilliant deflection she actually accused the leaker of 'cooking the climate numbers'. From Nu.nl (NL):
The hackers that hacked into the server of a respected British research institute on climate changes this weekend have 'cooked the numbers'.

This was said Tuesday by minister Jacqueline Cramer. 'They have hacked data and have shopped aroudn selectively', according to the minister. The hackers published thousands of private emails of British and American top scientists and wanted to show with those that data on climate changes has been manipulated by those scientists.

'This is just criminal. It is unacceptable', stated Cramer, who further said that the actions of the hackers did little among the climate negotiators who will meet in December in Copenhagen to forge a new climate treaty. She's is not unwilling to talk to climate critics, 'but not on these terms'.

The minister is convinced about the scenario sketched by thousands of scientists: warming of the earth by more then 2 degrees centigrade will be disastrous. 'I base myself on 1200 institutes and the scientists that belong to them. Our anchor is the IPCC', said Cramer, referring to the authoritative climate research desk of the United Nations
There are actually so many things wrong with this item, that I don't even know where to begin.

But one thing stands out: If our porcelain doll states that hackers have manipulated climate numbers, then she does not know what she is talking about. More worrying: Her staff doesn't know what is going on either. This story broke even before the weekend truly began. It is Tuesday. One would think the many civil servants employed by the ministry of Housing, Zoning and Environment would collectively have come up with a sturdier apologetic then the lame 'the hackers tampered with the numbers' when it is clear as day that the hackers (if it wasn't a leak after all) did not, could not have pulled off such a feat.

I am not in the habit of providing my opponents with ammunition, but wouldn't it have been more credible if the porcelain doll had dismissed Phill Jones et al. as aberrations, to be sacked at the English Queens leisure, but had maintained that the rest of the proof still stands? She'd be wrong, of course, but it would have looked like a half-way considered response. As it stands now, our environmental minister showed to the world (and the Netherlands in particular) she is nothing more then an highly overrated activist, with too little substance to redeem the monumental mistake of appointing her to her present position.

Elsewhere, the Dutch MSM is marked by a complete absence of any in-depth coverage of the scandal. Trouw (NL) put up an infantile rehash of an AP story featuring Kevin Trenberth, of the U.S. National Center for Atmospheric Research, in Colorado, crying into his beer about the injustice of the leaks.
"I personally feel violated," he said. "I'm appalled at the very selective use of the e-mails, and the fact they've been taken out of context."
This would be the very Trenberth that wrote in one of the leaked emails that "we can't account for the lack of warming at the moment and it is a travesty that we can't".

NRC did a half-way decent story (NL), in that it at least acknowledged the potentially harmful contents of the leaked emails. That good effort is subsequently neutralized by the rather conspicuous apologetics written to 'explain' the contents of the emails. We already covered the puzzling contribution by Het Laatste Nieuws. According to De Zwijger (NL) this also was an AP rehash.

And that is about it... Once again there is a major story developing and our fourth estate is absent, AWOL, not doing the job they sanctimoniously maintain is their highest calling. It is but a very slight consolation that elsewhere the situation is equally dismal. What is there to do, but sigh...

Luckily we have Dutch blogs that are doing the job the Dutch MSM won't, to wit:

In the mean time, if you want a quick run-down of the explosive content of the leaked emails, I refer you to Glenn Beck (see below). Whatever you may think of him (many in the Netherlands think of him as a right-wing nut, with an emphasis on the large hard-shelled seed) he's is not wrong about the gist of Climate Gate.

[UPDATE001] Today (Thu 26 - 11) VVD (liberal conservative) MP Helma Neppérus hooked her claws (NL) into minister Cramer. In the not too distant past Cramer (back then a fully fledged activist) put her signature under a full page newspaper ad voicing support for a left wing anti-nuclear energy group breaking into the ministry of Economic Affairs and stealing plans for new nuclear energy plants in the Netherlands. Says Neppérus:
If someone steals dcuments on nuclear plants, we find her name under an advert offering support. Now that hackers are putting emails out on the street from which it is evident that global warming is exaggerated, they suddenly are 'criminals'.

In the past Cramer has been found somewhat milder. I regret that she refuses to look at the shocking facts. It's as if too her the aim justifies anything.
And that is surprising how, exactly? There used to be a time we would expect better from our cabinet ministers. But after the Turnip, road pricing and blanket smoking ban, does anyone really expect anything better anymore? But good for Neppérus that she takes our porcelain doll to task over her irredeemably weak response to Climate Gate.

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