Saying goodbye

It is now 22:44 as I begin this post. In just over one hour and 15 minutes the Lisbon Treaty will come into force. With it, the Netherlands as a sovereign and independent nation, with a history that started all the way back in 1584 will come to an end. Much like the Lisbon treaty will end the sovereignty and independence of 26 other European countries that fell for the deceit of Claude Monet and his many disciples.

I guess it it not completely wrong to say that Monet is to nationhood what Le Corbusier (essay by Dalrymple. Highly recommended) has been to architecture: Megalomaniac, soulless, totalitarian and completely devoid of any humanity. We will enter into a vision of statehood founded on the socialistic ideals of a State that exists for its own benefits. One where citizens only exist for the benefit of the State.

No longer will we have a government that has power by consent of its people. We have a government, in the dual form of the European Commission and the European Council, which we can not elect. And one which we cannot dismiss. Moreover, Lisbon stipulates that the Commission, the Council as well as the 'parliament' exist only to further the cause of the EUnion.

Many have likened the EUnion to the EUSSR, others are referring to it as the Fourth Reich or the return of the Holy Roman Empire. I don't know what form this strange beast will be. But I fear it will not be pleasant. The way the EUnion is setting out to destroy any semblance of privacy, via biometric passports, road-pricing gps devices, electronic patient files and smart energy meters, does not bode well for the future.

Nothing lasts forever, of course. And neither will the EUnion. Simply because the EUnion is built on ideas that have already become outdated, unfit for these modern times of internet and instant communication. But until that time that we can stand up again as sovereign peoples we will have to live under its yolk. We will have to live with a government that does not so much govern us, as dictate to us.

And so we have to say goodbye to our old friend, the Dutch Lion, that symbol of our resilience and tenacity (and vicious bite, if provoked enough). The Lion is not dead, but the EUnions innate allergy to everything even hinting at nationalism means it will have to go into hiding, it will exist in the underground.

But one shiny day it will come out of hiding. In the arm of the province of Zeeland, the Lion is portrayed over the words 'Luctor et Emergo'. We too will one day overcome and establish ourselves as sovereign people, governed by those we elect, those we give our consent. But for now, we must bear the fact that we are handed over into the hands of a foreign government, an alien government. That is what Lisbon means.

Goodbye dear friend. Until we meet again.

I think I'll have a glass of fine single malt whisky to mourn the loss of my country. It is now 23:07. Less then an hour until EUnion servitude.

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