The Swiss example II: Switzerland votes for ban on minarets

In the referendum in Switzerland on whether the building of minarets should be prohibited, the Swiss have, counter to polls published earlier, voted in favour of the ban (CH).
Surprise in the minaret initiative: The minaret initiative clearly passed with 57.5 percent. The polls in the run up to the referendum were still indicating a No.
Reporting in EN here, by way of AFP, who note the lengths to which the Swiss government and related organisation went to secure a rejection of the ban. Will they now order a second referendum (and a third, and a fourth) until the Swiss give the right answer?

The Swiss example

[UPDATE001] Quite unsurprisingly Geert Wilders tonight congratulated the Swiss on the referendums 'magnificent outcome' (NL).
What is possible in Switzerland cab be done here [in Holland]as well.
Wilders will call on the government to organize a similar referendum in the Netherlands. With our current government I'd say such a proposal has an even more dismal outlook then a snowball in hell. But kudos to him for trying.

[UPDATE002] For a Swiss perspective head on over to Pigilito. Esther is also on the case.

[UPDATE003] Lawrence Auster:
This vote by the Swiss people is an important sign that ordinary Westerners are starting to reject the suicidal liberal belief that Western society is defined by tolerance, even toward the intolerant; by non-discrimination, even toward cultures and peoples that are radically incompatible with our own; and by freedom of religion, even of religions commanded by their god to subjugate and destroy us.

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