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The American Thinker: Global Warming Fraud and the Future of Science.

A concise overview of the big and smaller scandals we've witnessed with regard to the 'science' of global warming. And a lament of the demise of science in general.
Scientists were once among the most trusted figures in Western public life -- similar to bankers, priests, and doctors, but in a real sense, standing above them all. Scientists were honored as truth-tellers, aware that their reputation for veracity and seriousness was their only real asset.(...)

That has ended. The concept of unblemished scientific integrity is now one with the scholastic monasteries and the academy at Athens. Scientists today are well on their way to becoming an amalgam of the cheap politician and the three-card monte dealer. They are viewed by the less educated as a privileged class making alarming and impudent claims for their own benefit. The better-informed find ourselves in the uncomfortable position of being unable to defend something we once admired.

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