The blue elephant in the room

Britain: Drink drive limit to be reviewed by expert.
The present legal-drink drive limit is 80mg of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood, however there has been increasing support for a lowering of the limit to 50mg.
Ireland: Lower Blood Alcohol Levels Can Save Lives
[Secretary General Jack Short of the International Transport Forum] welcomed the proposal in Ireland to reduce blood alcohol limits to 0.5 g/l for general drivers, as is already the case in nearly all EU countries, and 0.2 g/l for young and professional drivers
The Netherlands: Safe Traffic Netherlands wants zero line alcohol in traffic
Given that [0.2 g/l] actually means even one glass is too much, we'd like to see this threshold for everyone.
Belgium: Stricter alcohol limit in Belgium.
Belgium will introduce a limit to alcohol of [0.2 g/l] for motorists, chauffeurs of trucks and buses and drivers with less then two years experience.
Coincidence? No, it's not!
This is an EU initiative. It goes right back to May 2004 when the EU decided it wanted common drink-driving limits. Only, instead of coming out in the open, it is pushing for each member state "voluntarily" to impose harmonised standards, and only then will it issue a Directive, claiming that this is simply to regularise a position that already exists.

The EU commission is well-aware that bringing out a harmonising Directive at this stage would trigger a huge wave of protest and anti-EU sentiment, so it is working behind the scenes, with a threat that, unless the member states comply "voluntarily" it will push for a new law.

The whole agenda was set out in 2002 (138 pages .pdf) - a project called "ESCAPE", which plans EU-wide traffic law harmonisation and common enforcement standards. The drink-drive limit is only one of the proposals. Standard speed limits, random breath-testing and uniform fines are all proposed.
(emphasis is mine - KV)

The starred blue elephant strikes again!

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