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Enjoyable post by Pam Geller: Europe Reaction: Swiss Accord? .... oui. It's a compilation of screenshots from on-line polls in the EUnion press about the Swiss referendum on minarets held last Sunday. And it paints a picture that is diametrically at odds with the bombastic condemnations of the Swiss people by the worlds leaders.

The overall picture is remarkably unambiguous: Around three-quarters of those polled agree with the Swiss referendum and its outcome. Three quarters! Apparently, there is a commonality among the peoples of the EUnion after all: their complete divergence from their political elites.

That is one signal that wise statesmen and women would heed. But we're all governed by the EUnion now, where wise statespersons are very, VERY sparse. Which means the clear and possibly worrying signal will go all but unheeded.

[UPDATE001] Gates of Vienna has more bombastic 'official' pronouncements.

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